Al Cummins: Cypriana, Grimoire Magic and Fairie

Alexander Cummins (Ph.D) is an historian, a poet and a divinator whose work is mainly concerned with folk magic, nigromancy and divination. He is one of the editors and among the authors of Cypriana: Old World, an anthology of writings exploring the myth and the practices of the Saint Patron of necromancers and magical books. Doctor Cummins has also authored a series of articles on the English tradition of Fairie, as well as a number of articles online and in print. Amongst his interests are love magic, planetary magic and the relationship between emotions and magical practices. On these topics Al also holds a series of webinar, the latest of which deals with planetary incantation. In this interview we discuss grimoire magic, the Fairie tradition and the Good Saint Cyprian. We are thankful to doctor Cummins for lending us his words and his time. Leggi tutto “Al Cummins: Cypriana, Grimoire Magic and Fairie”